The Greatest Love Song

The return of the fire

Bringing warmth and beauty

Yet the closer I get

The more I fear I’ll get burned.

The return of an angel

Though her wings, worn and heavy

In the hour of redemption

I must remember, all that I’ve learned.

Whispers spoken I can still hear

Whistling our song.

Loveless journey, am I ready

for you?

Unsung ballads, disenchanting

Will you smile when you hear me sing?

Will you tell me your secrets

And spare me your lies?

Would you still feel the magic

If you looked in my eyes?

I don’t know where my path leads

I don’t know if you’re with me

I just hope if you are

I’m beside you, not chasing.

Something bout a love song

Makes me smile and cry

But the greatest love song

Ever written

Was written by me

But inspired by you.


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