Tower in the Darkness

This is actually a piece I worked on for a client who requested it as a gift for someone else. It was a somewhat unique request, I will say that, but nonetheless it was a really fun and engaging project for me. Really got me to dig deep in some personal things in my own life even though I was technically writing it for a friend or loved one of a complete stranger.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave any comments below!


Stone clocks cascade down the thick walls


An amethyst tower stands tall, impossible

To reach. To climb. To invade.

But yet still

Amidst the bleakest air and armored rain

There it stands

Taunting and mocking my purest pursuit




The ticker ticks seldom here

But my tears still abandon me

With the same cruel haste.

Running – no, skipping – further and further away

From me.


It that once did beat so rhythmically

now can barely be heard, by one.

Imagine, don’t remember.

Imagine, don’t remember.


Imagine the white horses and orange flickers

Twinkling beneath a silk-woven moon


Don’t remember the naked rain

The sideways eight invisible now to the untrained eye

Or the night the Devil came to play

And won.


The center never shifts, nor shrinks

As the surrounding void slowly lifts

But it’s never really gone

Just hidden,

For now, at least.


The ticks and beats now sing as one

A truly sad song

about  happiness.




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