Frosted Tears

You asked me once if I was real
As real as the scorch on a Tuesday in June,
I said.

Snowflakes stuck to the windows, then
And the frozen rain sobbed as it watched inside
Two men
Two hearts
Entangled in a web of destructive passion
Entranced in a spell cast by a demented baby in a diaper

Scratch. Claw. Bite. Scream.
Cry. Cry.
No more crying. Not tonight.

Orange and blue still flash in my mind
The taste of cold concrete pressed against my check
It wasn’t me
But I was it.

And it consumed
And it controlled
And it sucked dry the prey it taunted
Watching as it bled from a once-beating heart

Of a man who loved it so
A forgotten love wiped away from the brow of destiny
And time passed.
And flowers grew
Clouds rolled by
And the Earth spun around and around

And year by year
Again comes crying frozen rain
With frosted tears

They dream
Of warmth they can clearly see, but will never know by touch.


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