You’re Not Alone

So I just found this old poem, or maybe lyrics, I’m not exactly sure, as I was looking through one of my old journals. It wasn’t dated but given the content of the piece, I would make the educated guess that it was written a long time ago back when I was still doing pills in New York. Which would make it at least three years old.

Then again, knowing me, it could have been based on the memory of that and only be nine months old. But either way, I was surprised I hadn’t posted it on Jon’s Journal yet, so here it is. It’s surprisingly direct for me, but it’s sort of refreshing, at least for me. So I hope you get something out of it like I did. 


The world’s always spinning

While you keep standing still

Your heart’s threads are thinning

Head’s stuck on self-will.


You’re in love with the danger

Enticed by the thrill

Thirsty for the blood

Of the young boy you killed


Once you were not spiteful

As sinful as a saint

But one rush from the blue-eyed devil

Colored your soul with crimson paint.


Lonely and careless

Bottles and bills

You were falling like the bottles

Your best friend being spilled


Not of life or longevity

Not of hope or of prayers

The poison soaking on the floor

Says “take a sip, no one cares”


While you sit on your broken throne

Decaying dreams and all alone

Life is being lived around you

But please, keep trying on your own.


It took a year or two of lessons

A broken heart and shattered dreams

And a deserved life-long sentence

In the birthplace of my demons


So sail back to the center

All you have to do is try

Just one requirement to enter

Abandon your sweet pride


So throw away classic drunk cliches

Take control of what you know

And have faith in what you don’t

Know you can’t do it alone

No, you won’t do it alone.


But if you choose

To take the longer road

My friend, I’ve been in those shoes

No, you’re not alone

When you want to come home

Know you’re not alone.

You’re not





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