Heartbreak’s Design

This is an older song/poem (whatever you want it to be) that I just found looking through my dusty, old virtual folders on my computer. Hope you like it. 


Feels like you’re stuck in fast forward

While I keep trying to rewind

You don’t have to listen to my words

Just know I’m crying as I write.


And now I’m blinded by

Your memory

And I apologize



If I could take back the words

That ripped your heart out at its seams

If I could take back the hurt

I hope you know I would.

I hope you know I would.


They say, “life’s a game”

And baby, love’s our prize

Heartbreak was designed

To remind us

That we can’t win every time.


How come my teardrops taste so bittersweet?

Feel five inches tall with 5 inch heels on my feet

Oh, and I can still feel the butterflies

From the day you said it to me.


We were laying in your bed

Thought you were gonna walk away

But then you turned to me and said


“I think I’m falling in love with you”

And that was all it took for me

To see the angel laying next to me

To feel how true love feels, truly.


My heart was blinded but I could clearly see

That heartbreak’s design

Is an alluring mystery

(But now I know)

The heart made me find

The one that came to know the purest me.


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