Little Lakes

This is just a short little poem/song I wrote (that you can actually find on my old blog, – zeros in the words ‘progress’ and ‘not’, not o’s.)  in November 2015. Short backstory: I had been relapsing on and off for a month or two by the time I wrote this, and this particular day I was reminiscing being in treatement. Just wanted to clarify that it’s not a representation of where I’m at now. But I love looking back at these sometimes to help me remind myself just how far I’ve come. And in only a year. So it’s called “Little Lakes.” I hope you like it!  


a poem/song by Jon W. 

“Little Lakes”

There’s a dirt road

That I’ve been walking on this year

But rainfall blurs the borderlines

And makes it disappear.

Little lakes of your heartbreaks

Form beneath my feet

They show me my reflection

A man that I don’t want to see

Cause I don’t recognize

The sad eyes looking back at me

You say, remember

After rainfall comes a rainbow

I say, I know

It’s always in my sight, just never in my reach.

Take me back home

Where laughter was my favorite song

Back where I know the

Gray skies never stay for too long

Back to my oasis,

Where black is white and right is wrong

Where my whines and woes of yesterday

Are back where they belong

Inside the songs

Inside this song.


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