Title Undetermined-Chapter Two

No idea about the formatting yet. I may switch between the two characters like you’re seeing in these first two chapters and I also might keep it so you’re seeing the end of the relationship first. You don’t know it yet (you would’ve very soon anyways) but this is the very end of the relationship. So I almost want readers to see that first, and then the rest of the book is leading up to it. I know it’s been done, but with this particular story I think it could be really effective. Anywho, even this chapter isn’t finished and nowhere near perfect or edited. Also WORD kept getting weird so if for some reason it feels like a chunk is missing or theres a continuity error, PLEASE let me know. I think I fixed it, but won’t be sure til I actually read it myself haha.  It’s the very first rough draft, I haven’t even read it over yet haha. But I really wanna see what people think before I start devoting hours and hours and hours writing this thing and making it flawless. So any comments, likes, anything would be very helpful. Hope you enjoy reading it. 

Oh, also, little disclaimer, I’m starting to realize that this book will be rated PG-13 and possibly even R later on haha. Just in case you’re like an 8-year old, there is some cursing. And in the future there will be sexual …scenes. Just to forewarn you. Okay, that’s all from me. 





Alex got walked out of the bathroom with his towel tightly wrapped around his waist. He went over to his bed and sat down, checking his phone for any missed calls or messages. None. He wondered what was taking his boyfriend so long and thought about calling, but didn’t want to be the stereotypical needy boyfriend, so instead, he put down his phone and turned on his Xbox. He grabbed the controller and flung himself onto his bed. He watched as the caption for PGA: Pro Tour filled the screen.

Golf had been his passion since he was a little boy. There was something about the etiquette of the sport that made him fall in love with it. You had to dress appropriately and every single little detail, down to the swing, the stance, the power and positioning, had to be exact. But what he loved most about it was that it was a one-person sport. He didn’t have to worry about letting down other players on his team or fight over who the star player was. When it was just him, his golf balls, and his clubs, he fell into a state of bliss. Although, if you were watching him practice at the driving range, you might think otherwise. Though sweet and selfless to his core, Alex always strived to be perfect, a trait he got from his mother. So when things weren’t going perfectly, especially during something as meaningful to him as his golf practice, he had a tendency to lose his temper. But muffled cursing and club throwing aside, for the most part Alex was as tender and caring as they come.

Just as he was ready to swing his virtual club on the third hole, his phone made a ding! sound. After reading the paragraph about how Taylor was running late because of his mother, he texted him back saying it’s fine and proceeded to play his game.

Alex wasn’t stupid. In fact, the boy had a 4.1 GPA in school and graduate with honors. So it was no surprise that he had learned the sings and tells of when his boyfriend was lying fairly early on in the relationship. He wasn’t happy about it, but didn’t want to bring it up in fear of starting yet another long, unnecessarily painful fight.

About thirty minutes passed and there was a knock at the door. Alex opened the sliding glass doors that led to the bedroom and walked down the narrow hallway. He opened another set of sliding doors and kissed Taylor. Although things had changed in the previous few months, still, every time Alex saw him he got a little flutter in his stomach, the same feeling he got the night they met.

“Hey, I’m so sorry I’m late. You know my mother, though. Relentless,” Taylor said.

“It’s okay. I was just playing some golf. You look cute. New shoes?”

Alex was looking down at Taylor’s brown perfectly-lace boots. He had never seen them before and knew damn well they were new, but also knew that it was important to Taylor that Alex noticed. Alex cared about his appearance, too, but not nearly to the level that Taylor did. Alex’s go-to outfit was a pair of well-fitting jeans, a solid t-shirt and matching button-down with both sleeves meticulously rolled up in a way “only he knew how to do”, according to him.

“Yeah, I just got them today. Oh my god, though, I saw these shoes that were so you. They were black with black laces but had like this sort of suede grey leather around the border. I was gonna get them for you, but I was afraid you already had them or ones similar. Next time we go to the mall you should try them on. Maybe for your birthday?”

Alex smiled. Taylor was always talking about fashion and clothing, and while he was always immaculately dressed, he was perpetually riddled with insecurities. What Taylor didn’t know, however, even though Alex had told him countless times, is that Alex thought he was the most gorgeous person he had ever seen. Sure, he found him to be attractive physically, but it was Taylor’s soul, his essence, his aura that always pulled Alex back. It was that same beauty that made him fall in love with Taylor in the first place. And that’s what Alex was thinking about in that moment, staring at the boy he loved, looking at his twinkling blue eyes under the moonlight. His hair was styled in his signature faux-hawk, not a single platinum blonde hair out of place.

“So, are you gonna invite me in or do you just wanna’ stay out here and look at each other. Cause I’m down for either,” Taylor said with a playful grin. Taylor snapped out of his momentary nostalgia and moved over as Taylor walked in. He slid the door shut behind him and wrapped his arms around Taylor’s torso. Taylor looked at him lovingly and gave him a kiss.

“Ooh. What’s this for?” Taylor asked, surprised. It had been a while since he’d experienced this kind of spontaneous affection from Alex.

“I just love you. So much. That’s all,” Alex said, letting go of his tight embrace. Taylor softly laughed.

“Aw, well I love you too, babe.” They walked into the bedroom and Taylor leaped onto the bed, his silver chain flying around his neck.

This brought back a memory to Alex. A memory he did not want to remember, or think about for that matter. But he couldn’t shake it, and he knew that. To be honest, it never left his mind. Not after that night. But he wasn’t going to ruin this night with Taylor.

“So I was going to bring a movie for us to watch, but then I remembered whose house I was going to. So, what are you in the mood for? Unless you want to do something else?” Taylor playfully rubbed the sheets, moving his hand in tiny circles. But Alex wasn’t in the mood for sex. He wanted to get his mind off that night, and sex wasn’t going to do that.

“Well, since you call yourself a movie buff and you haven’t ever seen Skyfall, do you wanna watch that?” Taylor sprung up from the bed, his eyes lit up like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. It was the look that made Alex melt and reminded him why and how he fell in love in the first place.

“Hey. I never called myself a movie buff. I just said I was a film major and love movies. You’re the film buff, mister puppy. But, yeah, sure, I think I’m ready to get my James Bond cherry popped.”

Alex laughed.

“Alright, yay,” Alex said, that rare, joyful grin plastered across his face. That was the face that Taylor had fallen in love with. It didn’t happen often anymore, but it was the look he imagined Alex made a lot as a young boy. Before the tormenting and the drugs and the alcohol and his mother. But Taylor didn’t want to think about all of that. He just wanted to watch a movie with his boyfriend.

But in that moment, he remembered that his body was filled with opiates and his eyelids started becoming heavier. He laid back down on the bed, closed his eyes, and let his body sink into the euphoria that surrounded him.

But it didn’t last long. Suddenly, Taylor felt a wave of intense nausea flood over him, a feeling he hadn’t gotten since he tried the little blue pill for the first time. That guy better not have given me some fucked shit, he thought.

“I-I’m not feeling so great again, babe. I’m nauseous. I’m gonna just go to the bathroom and splash my face with some water. Usually helps,” Taylor said.

“Aw, poor baby. Okay, well let me know if you need anything.”

“Mhm”, Taylor said, closing the door. As quickly as the door closed, the vomit came. Erupting out of him like a volcano that had been dormant for centuries, finally seeing the light of day.



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