Letters Written by Love

Well, overall I’m doing pretty darn great. But, I’ve been having a bit of a rough day. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve been working on a book which forces me to reminisce on a beautifully painful time in my life, but whatever the reason, and even if it’s making me feel a little down, I’ve gotten some DAMN GOOD writing out of it . Or…at least…the writing has made me feel damn better. Haha, either way, here’s one of the products of today. I don’t know what it is about this one….it’s just, like…special to me. Much more so than the others. So be gentle, or be nothing. Please 🙂

a song by Jon W. (actually has a melody, too. so I’ll work on getting that on here in the future)

Letters Written by Love

I just read a letter you sent to me

Three years ago

So now I’m writing you one

But you’ll never know

I shouldn’t have and I know that

What was once always is now never again.

Why can’t I shake this fucking feeling

Why can’t I let the pain end?

It’s not every day, or week or month

But some nights are harder than most

Tonight is one of them, and I can’t pretend

I don’t feel haunted by my first love’s ghost.

We don’t write

We don’t speak

You have him

I have sobriety

We were young

And in love

And I’ve become

The man you knew I could be

But it’s too late

For us now.

It’s too late

To go back.

Yeah, it’s not fate

Just reality

I blew the chance

You kept giving me.

And now I’m all alone.

Wishing you would just

Come back home.

Maybe someday, somehow this will find you

But ‘til then

I’ll keep my longing of wanting to hold you

Strictly to paper and pen.

I hope you’re happy with him now

I swear it, I mean it, I want to, I don’t.

I don’t want to see you sad, I’d just

Rather you be happy alone.

Or come back home

But it’s too late

For us now.

It’s too late

To go back to how

It was.

No, it wasn’t fate

Just insanity

To ever think you

Would come back to me

And still, I’m all alone

Wishing you would just

Come back home.

Oh, woah, oh

Why did I let myself get the better of me?

I tried to forget you but it felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Now I’m secretly writing the love songs

That I’m secretly hoping one day you’ll see.

And come back to me

Come back to me

Is it too late

For us now?

Is it too late

To go back?

Maybe it is fate

Our destiny

For you to just

Come back to me

I’m alone (but I’m)

Holding onto hope

That someday, somehow

You’ll come back home.


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