Title Undetermined -Chapter One

So, some good news and some bad news. The good news is I had a fresh new idea for the plot of my book that is compelling, riveting, will keep the readers on their toes, and even better, based on a completely true story. The bad news, if I do decide to commit to writing it, it will, without a doubt, be the most difficult thing I’ll ever write. I’ll let it speak for itself, but (especially if you were there for part of it) you’ll see what I mean soon enough. Let me know what you think. 


{Sideways Infinity}

by {Taylor Woll}

Working title and pseudonym. Ignore. 


Chapter 0


It was the kind of love I thought only existed in romantic comedies. The kind of love I had dreamt about and written about. The kind of love I wished for every day but never truly believed in. Until it happened to me. Until it happened to us.

It was the kind of love that was unequivocally true and pure. For those who say this type of love doesn’t exist, I say to them they just haven’t been lucky enough to experience it yet. And some never will. For others, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It brought bliss and joy, pain and heart-wrenching sadness. It carried with it the best and worst times of my life. Of both our lives, I would guess. It was the drug that never ran out. Until it did. The high that I never came down from. Until I did. Until he did, I should say. But this, unfortunately, isn’t the story of two souls who fell in love and lived happily ever after, eternally singing their song of love. No. This is the story of a real love in the real world. The kind that doesn’t end with the male lead running through the airport. The kind that doesn’t end with forgiveness and acceptance and this isn’t the kind of story where love conquers all. Because it didn’t. This is the story of Taylor and Alex. And how their hearts grew together and got torn apart.





The trilling of the phone stopped.

He knew it wasn’t a good idea and who knows what would’ve happened if he never had, but he called anyways.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Hey, yeah. I know I said I wasn’t really feeling great and would rather just stay home, but I miss you. Can I still come over?” Taylor was sitting at his desk in the basement of his parents’ split-level house in suburban Connecticut. He looked down at his desk, noticing the tiny blue specks still scattered on the light brown wood, laying next to a five dollar bill that was still loosely coiled.

“Oh, sure. I was just about to jump in the shower. Come in twenty minutes?”

Taylor pulled his phone away from his ear and hit the Speaker button. He reached into his back right pocket and took out the wallet Alex had given him for his birthday the month before. He slid out his debit card, noticing the sprinkles of blue powder that still lined its weathered edges.

“Yeah, sure. I’m actually finishing something up here, too. I’ll text you when I’m on my way. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Taylor hung up and placed the card on the table, next to the five dollar bill. He reached into the tiny change pocket in his pants and pulled out the small, clear bag.

     “Damn it! Only two left,” he said angrily under his breath.

He opened the bag and took out one of the two tiny blue pills. He placed it in on a white sheet of printer paper. Then, with the pill in the center of the page, he vertically folded the page in half, bring the bottom corners up to meet the top ones. He placed the paper back down and picked up the debit card. He began smashing the covered the pill. He opened up the page where the perfectly round blue sphere used to be, now laid a small mound of blue powder. He took the card again and separated the powder, using the edge of the card to scrape it into three thin, long lines. He put down the card and grabbed the dollar bill, which was now almost completely unwound. He pulled it out and started to re-roll it, making sure every revolution was tighter than the one before it. Once the bill was successfully rolled, he brought it to his right nostril while placing his left index finger over his left nostril, and brought his head down to one of the blue lines. He inhaled quietly, but with precision and force, and quickly flew his head back, dropping the bill back onto the desk, letting out a satisfied whoo!

     Getting up from the desk chair, he walked over to his closet doors, which was made up of six thin panels of mirrors. He looked into his own eyes and smiled at the sight of his shrinking pupils.

     The warm euphoric rush was slowly starting to overtake his body. He sat down and proceeded to do the next two lines, his eyes watering and his grin growing wider after every inhale. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, while interlocking his fingers and placing his hands behind his head.

An hour passed of his head slowly falling and being jerked back up repeatedly. As the high was beginning to diminish, he looked over at the clock and realized he was supposed to be at Alex’s house forty minutes earlier. He frantically looked for his keys, while putting on his shoes and grabbing his phone to text Alex that he was running late and that he was sorry. As usual, he concocted an elaborate lie about how his mother had asked him to take their dog, Peanut, out for a walk and he lost track of time. Alex quickly responded with the understanding text of okay, no problem. See you soon. I’ll wait until you get here to start the movie.

As Taylor got in his car and proceeded down his driveway, turning on the radio to his favorite pop station, he began thinking about the last fight him and Alex had. Taylor had stolen a bottle of painkillers from an apartment Alex was considering to rent. Taylor’s conscious, as always, got the best of him and before they even left the tour, he came clean. Alex appreciated the honesty, but not enough to avoid going into one of his many outbursts. At the end of the argument, tears were on their cheeks and their hands were interlocked, but Alex said something to Taylor that Taylor will never forget.

“You’re an embarrassment. I know it’s hard, T. I’ve been there, but I just can’t do this with you anymore. One more time, one more time, and that’s it. We’re over. I’m sorry, I just can’t handle all the lies and sneaking around behind my back anymore.”

The memory still fresh in his mind and Rihanna’s “We Found Love” blasting in his ’99 Honda Civic, Taylor stopped at the foot of his driveway, pulled up the emergency break, and once again took out the little clear bag.





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