The Devil’s Den

I haven’t decided if I’m calling this one “The Devil’s Den” (I have another one by the same name) or “Look at Me” so let me know which one you think is more fitting. But I wrote this a while back right after my (hopefully last) relapse. Someone told me to write down how I was feeling so that when I was having a hard day or craving that familiar escape again, I could read it and remember that it isn’t worth it. So this is what I wrote. 


Lyrics/Poem by Jon W.


Look at me, I surrender

The weight of the world I’ve been under

Is slowly crushing me.


Breaking me, into pieces

Like shattered glass, it taunts and teases

Playing me like a fiddle


And the melody created

Cuts like knives; sharp, serrated


My essence slowly faded

When I enslaved and traded

My soul.


But I will survive

I will push through

If I’ve learned anything this time around

It’s that I gotta pay my dues.


The flames that came to burn me

From the Devil’s Den, and turned me

Against the One who never turned on me.


Chorus 1

So I surrender

Myself to thee

Oh please, oh please

Please set me free!


Eternal bender

Bending me

Into something

I don’t wanna be.



Chorus 2

Look at me

My luck is changing

Matter over mind,

Is finally rearranging.


But it takes more

Than simple will

Or power, wrong

It takes the will to not be strong.


Those nights were long

And every day trapped me in a loop.

Never-ending, every night the same

Same old shame

Imprisoned me

Locked in to place

That came and aimed

Straight for my faith.


So I surrender

Myself to thee

Please, oh please, oh

Allow my tired lungs to breathe

Please, oh please, oh please

Let my aching bones feel relief

Oh, please

Set me free!




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