Tiny Windows of Wonder

Longest poem I’ve written in a long time. I hope it makes as much sense as I think it does. I actually thought I had already posted this, so I was very surprised when I realized I hadn’t yet. I wrote this a week or two ago and I think it pretty much speaks for itself, depending on what you want it to say. So that’s all I’ll say about it. 


a poem by Jon W. 



Tiny windows of wonder

Painted green and grey and blue

Perfectly placed along your porcelain wall

Fixed but not forgotten, no.


Are you, as forgiving you were.


Cracked between the panes.

Cracked between the panes.


Running mad, running wild, running free

Beneath your broken frames.


When rain as rough

As salty ocean-water waves

Cannot sneak past

And bleed into the hollow room

And permeate through clear clouds of toxic air


For what is meant to flow so free and fluidly

Is trapped

Is lost

Is hidden

For even dried-up wells of distant dreams

Torn apart by worn-out dreamers

As bountiful as is brazen.


Tiny windows of wonder

Do you wonder where I’ve gone,


Does morning’s light caress your harsh edges, softly,


You stand

Pretending to be good and proud and strong

But lay above

Small shattered shards that shine with

Moonlight’s mimicked light

An impostor, stolen from the a brighter star.


Tiny windows of wonder

Do cool winds still cause your pane

To suffer slightly at each passing gust

And ridicule your dying frames?


Tiny windows of wonder

I remember seeing seasons change

Colored luminescent laughter

Peeking through your reflective face.


You’d see how

You’d helped me change

You’d see now

My poorly hidden shame

You were how

It chose to go away.


My tiny windows of wonder

You’re not longer mine to claim

The borderlines and ticking seconds

Took you away.


Those tiny windows of wonder

Laying in another’s living room



I pray to see you, just once more

If even only at night’s showing

Of the classic, quintessential bad romance


I pray to see you, just once more

Before the ivory shades come down

For good.


Until then, I say one last goodbye

With all my might

I pray, I cry

For freedom, we were granted

Freedom, for which we fought


But always remember, love

Forget we both will not.



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