Three Years

I just wrote this yesterday at like 3 in the morning when I couldn’t fall asleep. If you haven’t already noticed, a lot of my pieces, specifically my poems and songs are about love and/or heartbreak. It seldom happens nowadays, but every now and then, for whatever reason, my mind gets filled with memories of longing and regret for and about my ex-boyfriend. So this was a song or poem, really whatever you want it to be, about the hardship of moving on from a relationship you thought was going to last a lifetime. This one comes straight from the heart. Maybe not my best, technically, but definitely one of the most vulnerable and sincere writings I’ve done in a while. P.S. It’s a little scattered, so I apologize if I missed a grammatical or continuity error, let me know if you spot anything. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it and/or can relate.  

lyrics by Jon W. 

It’s been three years

I think it’s time to move on.

It’s been three years

But I can’t stop writing heartbroken songs.


It’s been three years

And you’ve barely looked back

So why do I still cry

Every time I remember you saying goodbye?


It’s been three years

And you’ve made it clear

The love we once had, has long disappeared.


Believe me, when I say

I’d give anything not to feel this way

And I know, trust me, I know

Both of us made our fair share of mistakes


But I mean you no harm and no pain

I just can’t understand how you don’t feel the same


We had a true love that is written about

In songs and in poems, in fairytales

But I guess I know it can never work out

There’s a reason the first time our love chose to fail.


What really kills me is

It’s been three long years

And I’m not the person you knew

And we only meet, now, in the depths of my dreams

Dreams that never come true.


The boy that you knew, well he filled you with fear

But the man that I am would protect you, my dear

If time heals all wounds, than why aren’t you here?

Time has passed, in fact

It’s been three years.



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