Sideways Infinity

Honestly, I just thought of the first line which is what inspired me, and the rest just kind of poured out of me like spilled milk. This one is for myself, but I thought maybe it could somehow help someone, I don’t know. At least help them know they’re not the only ones who’ve ever felt this way. 


The Song I’ll Never Send

     (Sideways Infinity)


I’m in love with a memory

Entranced by a thought

You’ll come running back to me

And never leave my heart

Alone again.

All this time

Passed us by

And I,

I still love you.

Don’t hold your breath

Let me take it away from you

Our sunset

Has waited all this time

To rise again.

Don’t let yourself

Believe the lies you’ve been telling

To keep you from the truth

You know it’s always been,

It’s always gonna be

Me and you.

We’ve been meeting in my dreams

Still, I wake up every time

And for a second, as I wake

I believe you’re still mine

Laying next to me.

Years go by

And all the while

I, I’m still in love with you.

What happened to

Our sideways infinity

Hanging on chains

Falling over our hearts.

What happened to

The promise you made to me

Telling me that

It’s us against the world.

All this time

Passed us by

So why, oh why

Do I still cry at night?

All the years

All these tears

All your fears

Saying goodbye

Saying please

Leave me be

My reply

I’m not crazy!

I can still see

I still believe

You still love me.


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