The Unknown – Chapter One

Potential chapter one of a novel I wrote a while back that is actually pretty similar to “Penny.” I thought it felt familiar when I was writing it. 😉 It’s short but with some editing, I actually think this could go somewhere. I should have the second chapter of (most likely this one) one of the chapter 1 stories posted in this section very soon. The working title for this one is “The Unknown.” Hope you like it!



Jonah Stark awakened to a dull humming sound. As his eyelids slowly opened, and his pupils caught the flash of the florescent lights above him, a sharp pain in his right leg became increasingly apparent. His hand reached down and grabbed his leg, as if this would somehow alleviate the pain. Slowly raising his torso, he let out a soft moan of despair. His eyes fully open now, he saw that his leg was tightly wrapped in what looked like a kind of metallic cloth. The pain was becoming unbearable. Screaming in agony, his eyes frantically began to put the picture together of where he was.

The walls were an electric blue, with a brightness to them that was almost iridescent. There was only one bed in the small room with white sheets, a white pillow, and a white mattress, hospital-style. There was a matching white desk and a tall, thin white lamp, glaring its angry head onto the bed. There was one painting on the wall. It was a painting of a little girl wearing a red dress and ballet shoes holding what looked like a small Scottish terrier dog. Jonah noticed something peculiar. While there was an innocence to her smile, there was depth in her eyes. Almost as if she was staring directly into Jonah’s soul.

As Jonah’s screams continue to permeate through the air, the white door (sans doorknob) opened violently and a triad of white jackets came pouring through. One white jacket, noticeably shorter than the others, was holding a large needle filled white an especially luminescent green substance. All of their faces were masked by metallic white sheets with a black, glass panel in place of their eyes. The small white jacket raised her tiny arm and plunged the syringe into Jonah’s left leg. Jonah felt immediate relief and before he could ask where he was or what was going on, his eyes reclosed and back into the blackness, he faded.

When he regained consciousness, he jolted up from his bed, panting in quick, steady breaths. He brought his legs to the floor, noticing the metallic cast again. This is when he realized that the excruciating pain was gone. Holding onto the desk for support, he slowly rose from the bed, his right knee buckling from the pressure. But the pain was nonexistent. As he started towards the blank slab of white wood that acted as a door, it opened and a woman walked in.

She was tall, almost to the point of looking otherworldly. Her long, white trench coat looked similar to that of the others that came in before, but was noticeably more extravagant and well-made. Her bright, auburn hair was tightly wrapped in a high bun, kept together by two long black chopstick-looking things. Most noticeable, though, were her shoes. They were high heels, probably five or six inches, and they fit around her feet as though she was born in them. The color was astonishing. It resembled the hue of the walls, having a light-like quality that was unlike anything Jonah had ever seen before. Her expression, however, unlike her appearance, was dark and cold. Her tight, perfectly tinted lips opened in what attempted to be a smile, showing a display of amazingly-in-line white teeth. She simply stared at Jonah, and Jonah simply stared back. She took her black pen to her white clipboard and hastily jotted something down. Looking back up at him, her imposter of a smile returned and she spoke.

“Hello, Jonah. My name is Dr. Beverly Blanke. Welcome to The Unknown.”


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