Charcoal Soul

Lyrics/poem by Jon Wolotsky


Cold and dark and shameful,

This world can often be

The dark one loves to play his games

Toying with our sanity


He lives inside the bad days,

Cold wars and broken homes

Hiding in shadows of

Those who kneel before his charcoal throne.


He feeds on poverty, famine, disease

On addicts who’ve lost all control

Amused by miscarriage, martyrs, and malice

Filling the depths of his charcoal soul.


In the father who beats his children

And the mother who cheats on him

Daughters who decide to sell themselves

And suns guzzling straight gin.


*At first I thought this wasn’t finished, but I almost like it better as a short piece, as a poem or a song. I think it definitely needs like maybe just one more (in place of another) stanza to kind of conclude it, maybe on a lighter note. But I definitely think it has potential to be about like the addiction as a kind of entity living inside all the horrible, evil things on this Earth. I haven’t decided if I’m going to end it by finding the good amongst all the bad in the world, or just keep it as a darker, more eye-opening piece. Any suggestions are much appreciated.


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