At Least

I’m not really sure if this song is finished yet, but I like what I have so far, so I thought I’d share it. This was actually inspired by a dream that I had about returning to my hometown. If you’ve read “The Moment” in the Stories/Excerpts section, then you know I was abruptly plucked out of my town I had lived in since I was five. What you don’t know is that I haven’t been back, not even for a day, for almost exactly two years now. I’ve finally found a place in Ocala, FL that I can happily call my home and really see myself staying here at least for a while, but naturally I get a little homesick sometimes. And this is what came out of the manifestation of that in the form of a dream.  


Lyrics by Jon Wolotsky

The cloud-filled skies

Drape the fog-covered roads

And dim the laughter of the passersby

In the small town I used to know.


Memories flood

Through the streets, I nightly walked

And breezed through surrounding trees

If only they could talk.


In the yellows and reds and greens,

Lay a boy I had forgotten, at least

I tried to.


The cracks and bruises, and lines

Hid the dreams I’d left to rot in

Sorting facts from lies

In a black, bottomless box

Where the real secrets hide




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