Two of the Same

I actually just wrote this one this morning, and while I waited for my phone to get fixed, I thought I would try to finish it. And guess what? I did! So I hope you like it and I hope it makes sense as much as I think it does. I usually don’t toot my own horn. In fact, I’m usually my own worst critic to the point where I don’t even have a horn to toot, but I am pretty proud of this one, so let me know what you think and what it means to you. I’m curious to see how people perceive it. 


a poem by Jon W. 

Two of the same

Banished from the age-old game.

Talk the same

Walk the same

Live in shame

Love in shame.

Two of the same

The same as you, the same as I

Yet seen as sirens in disguise

Same for days,

Same for ages

Different book

Same white pages.

Two of the same

Free to love and laugh and live,

Free to forget, free to forgive

Free to receive, free to regive

Right to exist

Right to be safe

Right to have hope

Right to have faith.

Two of the same

Exactly the same

As two that are different,

By gender, by name.


16 thoughts on “Two of the Same

      1. I have only written one poem in my entire life. Please allow me to share…Eugene Field School, grade 2, 1977

        Yesterday I lost a tooth.

        I had a window in my mouth.

        My friends made fun of me, I was afraid.

        I used my hand as a shade.

        I grew a tooth, white and wide

        I put up my shade, I had nothing to hide!

        I never really have tried creative writing or fiction. I am one of those “save the world” writers who tends to write about topics other people won’t. But you do that too with your addiction writing. Good for you! Amazing how many incredible fellow writers I have “met” on WordPress. It is very cool.

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      2. hahahaha i LOVE that poem. thats actually incredible, especially for grade 2! what?! but yeah there are some truly gifted and talented people on here. and my dream is to be able to write a novel, though because when I was younger, although I’ve always enjoyed poetry and lyric writing, I used to love writing fantasy/fiction/sci-fi short stories and “chapters” even in elementary school. so im working on it but i really need to committ and love an idea before starting it otherwise ill just get overwhelmed and stop


      3. I want to write a book and even have had some discussions with publishers on the topic…I have been through some pretty unbelievable stuff as it relates to caring for my father, who died of a rare brain disease last year, and my experiences before AND after I got sober. Not sure whether to call it “Fiction” and change some names, or just let ‘er rip and cite documents, etc. Crazy stuff. I’m trying to move beyond everything that happened but dad’s estate has turned into a court battle between my brother, a neighbor, and I, and I have PTSD so it’s all very triggering (as all this stuff is related). Hoping the estate is settled at the next status hearing next week. I have spent $5,000 so far as it is. Dad has been dead almost 17 months. Anyway…your poetry is fun and uplifting. I hope I can move on to writing more of that sort of thing soon in addition to my journalism.


      4. Well I’m very sorry to hear about your father. I was actually checking out your site before, very interesting stuff on their. And you gave me the idea to post my paid writings in a portfolio, if I can copy that haha. I won’t copy the actual work, dont worry 😉 but wow, yeah my treatment center was actually for addiction and mainly trauma so i know PTSD pretty well. and aw thank you. I never thought of it that way haha, actualy I tend to write a lot of sadder poems/lyrics, because that’s when I’m most inspired. But i’m very happy it’s reached even one person who enjoys it. Oh, and congrats on the 2 years of sobriety!!! thats a real miracle


    1. you know, normally I don’t like Twitter, but for the purpose of this blog maybe I will make one. I’ll get back to you on that one. If you have a Facebook, however, feel free to share there or on here haha whatever you want. just wrote a new one too if you want to check it out, entitled “He Was”

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      1. Get a Twitter button/account. You deserve to do that for your writing Jon! I didn’t like Twitter in the beginning. Now I don’t much care for FB. My personal page has 0 friends, but I don’t de-activate because it will jack with my professional page which I’ve worked very hard to build.


      2. Yeah, well like I said I just started this. So I’m really trying to build up my writing on a more professional level so I will definitely get a twitter for my writing, and maybe even make a Facebook page. My dream would be to actually make a living by writing. I already write addiction/recovery blog articles and lyrics I get paid for, but I mean like a real, lucrative career.


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