So Far Away

I wasn’t sure if I should put this in the “Addiction/Recovery” section, since it was primarily written about my battle fighting addiction this last time around, but I think it’s better be more open-ended, giving it the potential to conform to all different types of problems, making it less narrow and more relatable to others. 

Poem and/or Lyrics by Jon W.

Frightened, the freedom felt

So far away.

Saddened, some things seemed

So far away.

Swift and strange,

Strangled, the blissful haze

Faded away

So far away.

Coming towards my line of vision

Stood gilded gates of the haunted heavens

Seemed so close, but still

So far away.

Muffled, mumbled words

Couldn’t sing, speak, write…

Cold air felt hot on my skin

Warm air sent chills down my spine

What was once taken

Was again, rightfully mine

Took back my dignity

Pride, courage, and fears

No longer trapped


In a cage built with stone and steel

Made alone, all by myself.

You stood right next to me, but felt

So far away.

Warm smoke would burn

Not soothe my aging skin

But no more.

No longer

Did the ashes touch my skin

Or swirl in breaths of the breeze?

Day 6. Hour 3. Month 5.

Is where I stood that day,

Tall and proud.

For my demons had been defeated

And the devil, once inside of me,

Hiding in me,

I’m proud to say

Is now and will forever be

So far away.


3 thoughts on “So Far Away

    1. Haha I am too. I have another one @ all about my recovery but I never stay committed to one. So I figured I have all this writing and do it everyday. Its perfect. Thanks tho you’ll get there. I appreciate the love 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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