On My Way

Lyrics by Jon Wolotsky


Life has a funny way

Of letting you believe

You can become anything

Your heart wants you to be.

Life is just a silly game

That few can ever win

If you don’t open up yourself

How can anyone get in?

Sing your song, seize the day,

Stand up strong, proudly say


I’m on my way

Here I am and here I come

Here I stand and here I’ll stay

On my way

Nothings gonna break my stride

No one’s gonna change my mind

Tomorrow? At least I made it through today

I’m on my way!”

Love was a wondrous thing

‘til it came crumbling – down.

Heartbreak had its way with me

The song we sang now has no sound

But time heals wounds,

Of skin and soul

Heartbreak’s bruise fades

The book of love turns a new page.


I am mad, but grateful

I can be sad or hateful

Sometimes lost and lonely

And someone’s one and only

I felt trapped outside my mind

Now I’m free, I’m so alive!!

(repeat chorus x2 – fades out at end)


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