Love Alone

Poem by Jon Wolotsky


The minutiae of the average life

Dull, whimsically unattached

Prohibited by logic, by reason

Inhibited by the treason of his own soul.

Same as all, and all the same.

Mournful cries of reawakened shame

Grieving childhood-sung lullabies

The rocking chair

Third floor, second door

On the right

A kiss goodnight

Aging every moment that passes us by

But learning, too, in each blink of an eye

The ever-turning backs

Being bluntly stabbed

And never-ending flames

Burning the already broken bridge.

But sugar-coated fairytales

Mimic ships that set no sail

Love is sick, but shall prevail

Love runs thick, but will not fail

For princesses in prison cells

And shiny-armored knights who fell

In the proverbial wounded well

Filled with wilted flowers, without smell.

Of tears that run down kingdoms’ cheeks

And love is blind, but somehow still sees

Love is deafened by disease

Of body, mind, and spirit.

From hatred saying “set me free.”

There’s only one thing taught to me

That survived land, space, and sea

Love is lonely, love is ours

But love alone,

Has all the power.


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