I Remember

A poem by Jon W. 


I remember

A place forgotten for a long, long while

A place that hides

In the lines, the cracks, and hollow smiles

A place unknown by eyes-wide-open folk


I remember

A land with shadows of the mountain tops

A land with valleys, dark and deceitful

Barren ground

Broken limbs

Replete with bleeding wounds.

A land with lakes so clear, so clean

Or clean enough, at least.

Enough to see the broken glass

Death of bottles dropped by drunk old men

And shattered mirrors held by gilded girls


Although dark

Still the fish

Black and green, blue, white or grey

Were seen below

And so quick to be caught.

Elusive, but slow.

I remember

The little boy laying on his hammock

A head filled with

Dreams and laughs and hopes

Rows of fraying knots between

The folds of his salmon tee

He was sleeping. No, just tired.

At least, that’s how

I remember


He spoke

Well-mannered, his pores oozing sass and charm

His eyes could not open, though, not in

A place like this.

With fog so thick and breezes so frigid, it was

A place where all come

Lonely, and

A place where all leave


I remember,

Because it became my home.


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