He Was

Been having some…interesting dreams lately that have led me to do some reminiscing on a time in my life that was both magical and miserable (in the words of Taylor Swift) so I literally just wrote this in about 8 minutes, so I definitely don’t consider it my best work, but there was something about writing it that almost…made me feel free and trapped at the same time. If you’ve ever had your heart broken, hopefully you understand what that oxymoron means. But I decided to just entitle it “He Was” because it really needs nothing more. Anything more, I think, would take away from the poem itself. 

a poem by Jon W. 

He was space and sky

His eyes the stars

He was young, so was I

Conjoined by our scars.

His heart, the moon

His voice, the wind

By early June

Our souls were twinned.

Our love, the rainbow after rain

Before “in love” became “in pain”

Born inside the break of dawn

Death by dusk; weathered, worn.

Broken hearts, a blazing forest

Broken trust, snapped like a twig

A local turned into a tourist, and

Old World trees that bear no figs.

My bed is empty, while his is not

For I forgave, while he forgot

This story ends, both sad and true

Because I still say, “I love you.”


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